Factory Assembled Options and Interiors

Almost all RTI interiors are available factory assembled (with main, sub-feed, and/or branch circuit breakers, sub-feed or -through feed lugs, aluminum, copper, or 200% neutrals).

Some options are only available factory assembled (or as part of a custom OEM commercial reference):

  • PowerPact L main circuit breaker (up to 600 A)

  • Engraved name plates

  • Lighting contactors

  • Canadian service entrance barriers

  • Boxes wider than 20" (26", 32")

  • Power meters or circuit monitors

SurgeLogic SPD Protection

The Surgelogic IMA series surge protective device is a modular parallel surge protective device (SPD). The IMA device is a multi-stage suppression circuit consisting of field-proven, fast-acting, 34 mm metal oxide varistors (MOVs).

  • Available surge current ratings: 100 kA, 120 kA, 160 kA, 200 kA, 240 kA

  • Ready to install SPD interiors (42 circuit, 3-phase, 4-wire) 250 A or 400 A:

    • 480Y/277 Vac—120 kA, 160 kA

    • 600Y/347 Vac—120 kA

Separated Distribution and Split Bus

250 A NF panelboards are available in separated distribution or split bus configurations, see Separated Distribution, Split Bus.

Factory Assembled Interiors (available to OEMs as custom Commercial References)

  • 3P 4W, 1P 3W, 3P 3W (240 Vac)

  • 100 A, 250 A, 400 A, 600 A, 800 A (MLO)

    • Aluminum or copper bus up to 400 A

    • Copper only 600 A, 800 A

  • For more detailed NF main lug interiors and main circuit breaker interiors please review catalog 1670CT0701, and Digest 178, Section 9.

  • Panelboards with PowerPact L main circuit breaker require an 8.75 in. deep box.

  • 800 A main lug panelboards require an 8.75 in. deep enclosure.

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