Troubleshooting: When I select by Feeders and choose Multiple-Feed, why don't my feeders show up in the list?


The Feeder Manager Translator identifies certain features as multiple-feeds, however when I try to run 'Select by Feeder' and choose to select by Multiple-Feed Feeders, the feeders that contain the known features that are multiple-feeds do not show up in the list.

Most likely cause:

Information about multiple-feeds and loops within a feeder is stored in the CircuitSource table's FeederSourceInfo field (the field that has the FeederSourceInfo field model name assigned). This information is used by the Locator tool and Select by Feeder. The Feeder Manager Translator, however, uses the 'FeederInfo' field in the feature class table to determine if it is a multiple-feed feature.

In this situation, it seems that the CircuitSource table is not being updated correctly. Ensure that the FeederSourceInfo has the correct field model name assigned, and that the table is correctly configured and is being updated. Double check that the CircuitSource table has an integer type field that carries the FeederSourceInfo field model name. Look at the value in this field for each record in the table. Ensure this value is correct for each record.

Additional information about the FeederSourceInfo field is available in the Feeder Manager section (in Step 5: Configure CircuitSource Object Class) of the Configuring ArcFM Solution online help.

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