Troubleshooting: Why can't I reconcile my version?

When attempting to reconcile, if you receive an error about another application currently editing the version, use one of the following commands:

  • From a workstation on which ArcSDE client (or server) is installed, issue the following command:

    sdemon -o info -I users -i <sde port#> -s <hostname of ArcSDE database server>
NOTE: The -I is uppercase I (as in India), not a lowercase l (as in Libya). This command shows which users are presently logged on. Look at the PID, the Host, and the times (in the data returned by the command) to see if any dead connections appear.
  • Another sdemon command that may be useful is:

    sdemon -o info -I locks -i <sde_port#> -s <hostname of ArcSDE database server>
NOTE: If locks exist, one of the output variables will indicate which 'SDE id' it is. The 'SDE id' is the PID from the output of step #2 above. Also, the hostname of the workstation that is associated with the PID is also listed in the output from step#2.
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