Troubleshooting Conduit Manager

This section focuses on issues and questions that may arise while using Conduit Manager. 

Troubleshooting: Is there a way to change the size of Cross Section Annotation?

There isn't really a way to change the size before it is placed, but you can modify it after it is placed.

When creating the annotation feature class you can set a reference scale. If you choose a reference scale of 1:1000, your 12pt. font will be displayed as 12pt at this scale. So you can change the reference scale of the annotation feature to place bigger or smaller depending upon the scale.

Troubleshooting: Why can't I trace a conduit

In order to trace a conduit system the Enabled field must be set to True for all conduit and underground structure features. Existing features may be altered using the Mass Attribute Update tool. For any future conduit system features, the default value for the Enabled field should be set to True, and the field hidden from the user through ArcFM properties. This ensures that all conduit features are always enabled for conduit tracing.

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