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Geodatabase Manager requires at least one service. You may add multiple reconcile services to increase performance.

When you first open Geodatabase Manager, you'll see it provides a default service (GDBMService1). You may configure this service or add your own and delete this default service.

NOTE: All services must be Stopped before a new one can be created.
  1. To create a new service, right-click anywhere in the Available Services window and select Add.
  2. Enter a name for the service. You may wish to name this according to the geodatabase and process (e.g., IowaReconcile).
  3. Click Add.

    Once you have added a service, select it in the Available Services window and configure it using the tabs below.

    NOTE: You can modify the configuration of a service while it is running, but your changes will not be active until the service is restarted.

    Remove: To remove a service, right-click it and select Remove. You will be prompted to confirm. Click Yes to remove the service and No to keep it. If there is only one service in the list, it cannot be removed until another exists. No services can be running in order to remove one. If you cannot remove a service and the Apply button is enabled, you will need to save changes to the configuration before removing the selected service.

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