Administrator Notes

Session Manager and Workflow Manager

  • Deleting Versions: Do not delete versions in Session Manager or Workflow Manager using the Esri Version Manager. If versions are deleted this way, the related stored displays won't be removed from the MM_STORED_DISPLAYS table. If a version is deleted then re-created and the user attempts to open the associated session or design, he will receive an error: "Workspace not found or version not accessible." 

  • ALWAYS user roles: Never assign a role of this type to an enterprise user.

Workflow Manager (Designer only)

  • Reports: Workflow Manager offers two reports for designs - Design Inventory Report and Design Cost Report. Both are designed to use an XSL style sheet to produce an HTML report from XML data. An administrator may customize the layout of these reports by creating new style sheets. The style sheets that Workflow Manager uses are specified in the registry. These registry settings may be changed to use custom style sheets.

The path to the style sheets are specified in the registry at the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Miner and Miner/Process Framework/Workflow Manager/Style Sheets

Select the registry value to be changed. Right-click and select Modify to specify a path to the new XSL style sheet.


Style Sheet

Design Inventory


Design Cost


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