Approve Design

Performs actions that should occur when a design is approved.


  • MMWorkflowManager must be the current extension.

  • The node passed to this subtask is a design node.

  • There cannot be another approved design in the same work request.


  1. Sets the Approved Date and Approved By fields on the design node.

  2. Enters the design’s ID in the MM_WMS_APPROVED_DESIGNS table.

  3. Looks for the ConstructOnApprove value in the MM_PX_CONFIG table. If the ConstructOnApprove value is false, the subtask is complete. If this configuration value is true, the subtask gets the design’s parent node and checks to see that it is a work request. If the parent node is a work request, the Construct Work Request task is executed on the parent node to set its state to In Construction.

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