ArcFM Available Work Functions

Designer allows you to assign multiple Compatible Units (CUs) to a single feature. This allows you to show the Install CU and the Remove CU in a single feature that may have a Work Function of Replace. However, Designer prohibits users from assigning multiple Install CUs to a single feature (you may have multiple Remove CUs). The ArcFM Available Work Functions field editor filters the list of work functions to remove the Install option if an Install CU already exists under the feature. This prevents the user from designating a second CU as Install and receiving an error message on Update.

  1. Right-click a feature in ArcCatalog and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  2. Click the Field Info tab.
  3. Scroll to the Work Function field name and select it.
  4. In the Field Properties window, select ArcFM Available Work Functions from the dropdown menu in the Custom Field Editor field.
  5. Click Apply to save the change and retain the ArcFM Properties Manager.
  6. Click OK to save the change and dismiss the ArcFM Properties Manager.

    In ArcMap, if the Install work function has already been assigned to a CU for a feature, that work function will not be available to select for additional CUs for that feature. Assign ArcFM Available Work Functions to the Work Function field of any features to which CUs can be assigned on the Design tab. Even if this field editor is not assigned, the user will receive an error message if he attempts to assign a second CU with the Install work function.

    Field editor is NOT assigned: The user may assign the Install work function to the second CU, but he will receive an error when he clicks Update.

    Field editor is assigned: The user does not have the option to assign the Install work function to a second CU.

    The parent CU (SWING CUB FUSE-15KV, in the example above) does not have its own available work functions. Rather its available work function is a concatenation of the available work functions of its child CUs.

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