Assign Advisories

The Assign Advisories tab allows you to flag a CU with a critical advisory or a warning. For example, if a device has been recalled and shouldn't be used because it could be a hazard to the construction crew, the engineer might add a Critical Advisory to the corresponding CU. If a device performs poorly under certain conditions, the engineer might flag the CU with a Warning Advisory indicating when the device should not be used.

To assign an advisory to a CU, follow the steps below.

  1. In the CU Administration tool, select the Assign Advisories tab.
  2. In the Compatible Units field, select a CU. You may use the Search field to narrow the list of CUs (see tip box below).
    TIP: Use the type-ahead search box above the Compatible Units field to filter the list. When you type characters into the Search field, any CUs that contain those characters will be visible in the Compatible Units field.
  3. Once you've selected the CU, select a a Special Advisory from the drop-down list, either Critical or Warning.
    • Warning: CU can still be used in a design.

    • Critical: CU cannot be used in a design.

  4. In the Description or Note field, enter in additional information related to the advisory. 
  5. Click Apply. The advisory is added to the description of the CU (note red text in example below). This advisory appears on the CU in the CU Administration tool and in the CU filter in ArcMap. Hover the cursor over an advisory to view the comment.

Remove Advisory

If a recall has been lifted or the equipment replaced, you can remove an advisory. Select the CU (see step 2 above) and click the Remove Advisory button.  

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