Availability Indicator

Configuration Instructions

This option allows you to add an Availability Indicator field to ducts. This field can be used to designate a duct as unavailable perhaps because it has the maximum number of cables in it, or because it is reserved for some special use. The Availability Indicator appears in the ArcFM Conduit Configuration window. Ducts with an Availability Indicator value of Unavailable will appear with a dashed line (ducts 2 and 3 in the example below). Duct 2 below has a blue line because it is selected. Available ducts are displayed with a solid line.

Setting a duct as unavailable does not prevent cables from being assigned to it. Rather, it is primarily for display and informational purposes. The Availability Indicator does not prevent conductors from being added. It may be used in some conduit traces to filter unavailable ducts.

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