Command Line Workflow Import/Export

You can perform a workflow import on a Process Framework database from the command line using the Command Line Workflow Import/Export tool. This tool is installed in the ArcFM Solution\Bin directory. Using a command prompt, enter the following path to launch the executable: ArcFM Solution\Bin\mmPxCMDImportExport.exe. Follow the path with the appropriate parameters (listed below).

NOTE: Export is no longer supported for the Workflow Import/Export tool in the command line.


<connection string> - the database being imported from

<xml file path> - XML file to import/export

/I  - import(default)

/R or /A - replace(default) or append

/L<log file path> - log file

For example, the following command would import a file called "workflow.xml" into a database called "workflowmanager.mdb" and generate a log file called "Logfile.log":

mmPxCMDImportExport.exe "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\workflowmanager.mdb;
Persist Security Info=False" workflow.xml /I /R /L Logfile.log

A successful import produces the following output in the log file (specified on the command line):

Batch import starting 9/2/2005 3:07:35 PM
Importing from: WFM_FieldExport_Sept1.xml to: E:\Support\H1\ImportTest\Field WorkflowManager.mdb
======== Importing Workflow ============
> Importing 14 rows for CONFIGS(s)
> Importing 1 rows for SUPPORTED_EXTENSIONS(s)
> Importing 8 rows for NODE_TYPE(s)
> Importing 6 rows for ROLE(s)
> Importing 8 rows for TRANSITION(s)
> Importing 23 rows for TRANSITION_ROLE(s)
> Importing 28 rows for STATE(s)
> Importing 15 rows for STATE_ROLE(s)
> Importing 8 rows for TRANSITION_TO_STATE(s)
> Importing 13 rows for TRANSITION_FROM_STATE(s)
> Importing 4 rows for FILTER(s)
> Importing 9 rows for FILTER_ROLE(s)
> Importing 31 rows for TASK(s)
> Importing 92 rows for TASK_ROLE(s)
> Importing 73 rows for SUBTASK(s)
============= Validating Database =============
  Validating 23 rows of table MM_PX_TRANSITION_ROLE with MM_PX_TRANSITION
  Validating 28 rows of table MM_PX_STATE with MM_PX_NODE_TYPE
  Validating 15 rows of table MM_PX_STATE_ROLE with MM_PX_STATE
  Validating 8 rows of table MM_PX_TRANSITION_TO_STATE with MM_PX_STATE and MM_PX_TRANSITION
  Validating 13 rows of table MM_PX_TRANSITION_FROM_STATE with MM_PX_STATE and MM_PX_TRANSITION
  Validating 4 rows of table MM_PX_FILTERS with MM_PX_STATE
  Validating 9 rows of table MM_PX_FILTER_ROLE with MM_PX_FILTERS
  Validating 31 rows of table MM_PX_TASKS with MM_PX_NODE_TYPE
  Validating 31 rows of table MM_PX_TASKS with MM_PX_TRANSITION
  Validating 92 rows of table MM_PX_TASK_ROLE with MM_PX_TASKS
  Validating 73 rows of table MM_PX_SUBTASKS with MM_PX_TASKS
  Validating 7 rows of table MM_PX_CURRENT_STATE with MM_PX_STATE
Validation is complete.
========= Workflow Import: Successful ============
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