Conductor Information

Configuration Instructions

For banked conductors, you can configure your geodatabase with a related Conductor Information object class to maintain information about each unit of the bank. Each Conductor Information object represents a physical conductor and may have a phase designation of A, B, or C and NOT a combination (ABC).

The Conductor Information object class can be used to provide cable/phase information to the contents list of a cross section if phase designation information exists in the table.

When Conductor Information is configured correctly, the user may display information from the Conductor Information table in the annotation contents list. In the example below, the contents list displays the material for each phase of the conductor. Refer to the Configure Annotation Options page for more information about setting up annotation to display Conductor Information data.

In the image below, the contents list (1: C: Feeder ID: GR-202, etc.) displays data from the ConductorInformation table:

Cross-section annotation with a contents list

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