Configure Geodatabase Manager Exit Time

If Geodatabase Manager is shutdown while it is attempting to reconcile or post, it will try to finish the post or reconcile before closing. The TotalTimeToStop setting determines the amount of time allowed to Geodatabase Manager to finish posting or reconciling before the application exits.

If you have a slow system or process very large designs, it is best to set the TotalTimeToStop value to longer. This allows Geodatabase Manager to complete the post or reconcile before exiting.

  1. Open GeodatabaseManagerservices.exe.config. By default, this file is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin.
  2. Look for the following XML:

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        <setting name="TotalTimeToStop" serializeAs="String"> 
  3. The Value tags contain the amount of time (in seconds) Geodatabase Manager waits for processes before shutting down. Set this value as appropriate. The default value is 300 seconds.
  4. Save and close GeodatabaseManagerservices.exe.config.
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