Configure AutoText

Only the Adjacent Grid autotext element requires configuration. If you are using any other autotext elements, no configuration is required.

To configure the Adjacent Grid autotext element, you must assign two field model names to two different fields on all map grid feature classes:

  • The MAPGRIDNAME field model name identifies the attribute that stores the name of the map grid.

  • The MAPSHEETNAME field model name identifies the attribute that stores the name of the map sheet.

    NOTE: Map grid feature classes are those to which the MAPGRID class model name is assigned.

In the Minerville sample data, for example, the field model names MAPGRIDNAME and MAPSHEETNAME are assigned to fields of the same name in both the ArcFMMapGrid and MapGrid feature classes. The MAPGRID class model name is assigned to each of those feature classes, as shown in Figure 1. 

NOTE: Each set of map grids (created using Map Grid Manager) should have the same map grid name.

The figure below shows Field and class model name assignments for ArcFMMapGrid feature class in Minerville sample data

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