Turn on Feeder Manager 2.0

The following process adds a Feeder Manager 2.0 autoupdater to all the feature classes participating in your electric network. This autoupdater is called ArcFM Feeder Cache Maintenance, and it's required by Feeder Manager 2.0.

  1. Right-click the electric geometric network and select Configure Feeder Manager.
  2. Check Feeder Manager 2.0.
  3. Clear the Feeder Manager 1.0 checkbox.

    The Feeder Manager Configuration Tool lets you turn on and off Feeder Manager 1.0 and 2.0. You can run both version of Feeder Manager simultaneously, but doing so negates all benefits that you receive when running only Feeder Manager 2.0.

    Should you decide to enable Feeder Manager 1.0 after having previously disabled it, you will have to run Trace All Feeders on your network.

Advanced Options

Click Advanced Configuration to display the following options.

Hide Feeder Manager 1.0 Fields: Check this option to hide fields that are only relevant for the legacy Feeder Manager 1.0. This sets the ArcFM field visibility to no for each of the following:

  • ParentCircuitSourceGUID

  • ParentCircuitSourceID

  • FeederInfo

  • FeederID

  • FeederID2

If, before changing this setting, you had some of these fields set to anything other than Yes or No, clearing this checkbox will not restore your previous settings. It sets visibility from Yes or any other setting, e.g., Phase A Visibility, to No. If you clear this checkbox, it sets the visibility of these fields to Yes.

Bear in mind that this turns off field visibility in ArcFM tools only. You can have this option checked and still see these fields in Esri's attribute editor and attribute table, for example.

Character Delimiter: Some features can have multiple Feeder IDs or Subfeeder IDs, such as tie devices. By default, the ArcFM Attribute Editor, Locator, and Identify tools separate the values in these attributes with a comma. If you want to change this separator to something other than a comma, change it here.

Automatic database cleanup: You can set Feeder Manager 2.0 to automatically delete its local storage databases (.edb files) when you open ArcMap, provided that the one you are connecting to is a different version. Simply check Automatic cleanup of local storage files for feeder info. Type 0 in the Remove files older than field to delete databases when ArcMap is opened. Type a number between 0 and 99999 (i.e., a maximum of five characters including one decimal point) to delete files that many days from the date they were last modified.

Feeder Sync: You can update the Feeder Manager 1.0 fields (FeederID, FeederID2, and FeederInfo) in the Geodatabase while using Feeder Manager 2.0. These fields do not update until your edited session or design is saved and posted through either Session Manager or Workflow Manager. This option does require the creation of the MM_EDITED_FEATURES table by using the Create/Update ArcFM Solution Systems Tables option in ArcCatalog on your database prior to selecting and using this option.

  • This does not update ParentCircuitSourceID information, and FeederInfo is updated without island or terminal device bits set.

  • You can select the Enable autoupdaters during field sync option to include running all autoupdaters when posting. This is not enabled by default.

  • The default version to sync to is SDE.DEFAULT. We recommend not changing this field unless there is a specific version required by your company's needs.

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