Configure Map Grid Generator

The Map Grid Generator allows users to create map grids in ArcMap for use with Map Production. To configure Map Grid Generator to be used in ArcMap, an administrator must assign the appropriate model names to the map grid feature class. You may create a new map grid feature class that has the following fields or add these fields to an existing map grid feature class. The map grid feature class must have a shape type of EsriGeometryPolygon. You may name the feature class and the fields any way you like, however, the correct model names MUST be assigned.

Feature Class: Map Grid

Shape Type: EsriGeometryPolygon

Field Name

Data Type






double or precision floating point

Ensure the following model names have been added to a domain in the database. You may add these to any domain you wish. The domains shown below are the suggested domains for these model names.


Model Names

Domain Independent Object Class Model Name


Domain Independent Field Model Name


Now, use the ArcFM Properties Manager to assign the model names.

  1. Right-click the ArcFM Map Grid feature class (or another map grid feature class) and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  2. Select the Model Names tab and click the MAPGRID model name in the Model Names Available field.
  3. Click the arrow to move MAPGRID into the Model Names Selected field.
  4. Click the Field Model Names tab.
  5. Select the MapGridName field and add the MAPGRIDNAME field model name to the Model Names Selected field.
  6. Select the MapSheetName field and add the MAPSHEETNAME field model name to the Model Names Selected field.
  7. Select the MapSheetAngle field and add the MAPSHEETANGLE field model name to the Model Names Selected field. This field must be a precision floating point field. Any other type may cause errors to occur.
    NOTE: The value in the MapSheetAngle field determines the angle by which the map sheet is rotated. The rotation angle in this field will override any rotation angle setting in the data frame properties. The center of the map sheet is also the center point of the rotation.
  8. Click OK to save your changes and dismiss the ArcGIS Properties Manager.

    The fields and the field model names above are REQUIRED. If they don't exist, the feature class will not be available in the Map Grid Generator user interface.

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