Configure Water Tracing

The steps for configuring water tracing assume that you are configuring a new geodatabase. If you are adding water tracing functionality to an existing geodatabase, you may be able to skip some steps such as creating domains and adding model names to them. However, you may want to ensure all of the domains and water model names have been added before continuing to the next step.

Before performing the steps below, ensure your database contains the ArcFM Solution System Tables. If not, you will need to create them.

STEP 1: Create Domains

STEP 2: Configure Domains for Cathodic Protection Systems

STEP 3: Create Feature Classes

STEP 4: Add Model Names to Domains

STEP 5: Add Fields

STEP 6: Assign Model Names

STEP 7: Initialize Water Trace Weights

STEP 8: Build Geometric Network

STEP 9: Assign Autoupdaters

STEP 10: Configure Cathodic Protection Systems

STEP 11: Convert to ArcFM Objects

STEP 12: Export XML

The Appendix also includes information about how Water Tracing works.

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