Configure Work Function Tool

The Work Function Tool (WFT) is used for removing, replacing, and upgrading features as part of a design scenario. It also provides in-place editing of features and site condition data, and allows CU assignment on multiple features simultaneously. This tool requires the administrator to assign model names.

  • Assign the DESIGNBANK model name to all banked feature classes in your network.

    IMPORTANT: Do not assign the DESIGNBANK model name to related objects that are banked. The DESIGNBANK model name should only be applied to banked feature classes.
  • Assign the REMOVEBANK model name to all banked feature classes that you wish to be automatically updated with the "remove" work function in response to changing all the feature classes' associated transformer units work function to "remove." The REMOVEBANK model name will not change a banked feature class' work function unless all associated transformer units have been assigned a remove work function in the design phase.

  • Assign the DESIGNUNIT model name to all electric device unit object classes (such as ConductorInfo and TransformerUnit) and banked related objects that are not features.  

The feature classes must be related. For example, the TransformerUnit feature class should have the DESIGNUNIT model name assigned and must be related to the Transformer feature class, which has the DESIGNBANK model name assigned.

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