Create Client Base Path

Every client machine should have its own client base path (e.g., ClientBase in Figure 1). This is the location in which the most recent extracted geodatabase is stored. When GDB Replication performs the first update, it creates a folder for each replication (which matches the name of the replica, e.g., Electric, Landbase) and places the updated personal (.mdb) or file (.gdb) geodatabase in the corresponding folder. DO NOT open or modify any geodatabase in this directory. However, you may point layers in your map to a geodatabase in this directory. If you have multiple replication servers, then there may be multiple directories and databases here.

Permissions: This directory does not require any sharing or special permissions.

FullDatabases: This folder will exist in the client base path directory only if Geodatabase Replication is unable to extract a delta and retrieves a full database instead. In this case, Geodatabase Replication will create the FullDatabases directory (if it doesn't already exist) and place the database here. This directory can grow to an enormous size if Geodatabase Replication retrieves the full database frequently. Be sure to monitor the size of this directory and perform cleanup as necessary.

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