Create Design

Adds a new design node to an existing work request.


  • MMWorkflowManager must be the current extension.

  • Workflow Manager must be open and visible.

  • The node passed to this subtask is a work request node.

  • The work request has a state of either Initialized or In Design.

  • There may not be another approved design in the same work request. If there is another approved design, the subtask is disabled.


  1. Calls Terminate on Process Framework’s active control if the active control is an IMMPxControl2. This gives the form displayed in Process Framework a chance to cancel this operation or to take some action before it is replaced by the design’s control.

  2. Creates a new design node.

  3. Sets these properties on the design: Work Request ID, Create Date, Design Number, default design name.

  4. Adds the node to the Tree.

  5. Sets the build object.

  6. Calls the "Create Design" transition programmatically. If the transition does not exist it sets the design node's state to the initial state set in the Node Types tab.

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