Create Workflow Manager Database

This section outlines how to create Workflow Manager databases on the Enterprise and on the field machines. Engine Mobile uses the Workflow Manager database to transfer designs between the field and the Enterprise. This database is necessary for all implementations except View Only.

An Enterprise user (e.g., Designer) creates a design which is stored in the Process Framework (PX) schema in the SDE database. The Designer can then send the design (or staking job or express design) to a field user. The field user logs into an Access version of the Workflow Manager database in the field and retrieves the design from the Enterprise. This process requires a method to send/receive designs. This is covered later in the configuration.

Schneider Electric provides sample Workflow Manager databases for the Enterprise (WorkflowManager.mdb) and the field (Field WorkflowManager.mdb). The steps in this section illustrate how you can leverage the sample data to update your Enterprise to include the Process Framework workflow and create a new field Workflow Manager database.

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