Design Optimization - Create Favorites

Design Optimization uses graphic favorites to display where features may be placed on the map. During the optimization step, it selects the optimal graphic favorites. When the user completes the optimized design, the graphic favorites are replaced by favorites from the CUs tab. You will need to create these favorites in a specific favorite category on the CUs tab. In the Update Engineering Tables step, you will designate the favorites to replace specific graphic favorites.

By default, favorites should reside in the following category on the CUs tab: System Favorites\Electric Design Optimization. There are separate categories for each type of favorite: Service Points, Service Conductors, Secondary Conductors, Transformers, Pedestals. You will need to create this category structure on the CUs tab.

Save favorites in the corresponding categories. You can copy existing favorites into the appropriate categories or create new favorites. One favorite may reside in two categories (e.g., Service Conductors and Secondary Conductors).

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