Design Optimization - Road Crossing

This option allows you to determine how the street is crossed when placing pedestals. There are two options: Direct-Line and Trench-Optimized. By default, the Trench-Optimized option is used.

Trench-Optimized Street Crossing

When this option is selected, the secondary conductor occupies the same trench that is used by the primary conductor. The trench (and the secondary) cross the street at a perpendicular angle to meet the pedestal (see Figure 1). This option is set by default.

Direct-Line Street Crossing

When this option is selected, the secondary conductor goes straight across the street to the pedestal without looking for an existing trench (see Figure 2).

Select an Option

The option used is configured in the DesignAutomationConfig.xml file. If you wish to use Trench-Optimized street crossing, nothing needs to be done; it is set by default. If you wish to use Direct-Line street crossing, open this XML file (installed in the ArcFM Solution\Bin directory).

Search for the following section.

<Property name="SecondaryRouter" type="Miner.Framework.DesignAutomation.Operations.RouteCrossingSecondaryViaPrimaryTrench, Miner.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=196beceb052ed5dc">
  <Operation type="Miner.Framework.DesignAutomation.Operations.RouteCrossingSecondaryViaPrimaryTrench, Miner.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=196beceb052ed5dc"></Operation>
<Property name="SecondaryRouter" type="Miner.Framework.DesignAutomation.Operations.RouteCrossingSecondaryByDirectLine, Miner.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=196beceb052ed5dc">
  <Operation type="Miner.Framework.DesignAutomation.Operations.RouteCrossingSecondaryByDirectLine, Miner.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=196beceb052ed5dc"></Operation>

The first "SecondaryRouter" section implements Trench-Optimization. Comment out this section.

The second "SecondaryRouter" section implements Direct-Line. It is commented out by default. Uncomment it out to implement it. Save and close DesignAutomationConfig.xml.

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