Removes the node and attempts to remove all of the associated version data from ArcMap. If it cannot remove the version data from ArcMap, the data is marked as orphaned and may be deleted using the Clean Up tool.


  • MMWorkflowManager must be the current extension.

  • The node passed to this subtask is a work request node or a design node without child copies. Nodes with child copies cannot be deleted unless the children are deleted first.


  1. Closes the design if it is open in ArcMap.

  2. Calls the node’s deleter object.

  3. Deleting a design may change the state of its parent work request. The work request state will be set to Initiated if the parent work request does not have any children. If the work request has children, the state of the work request will be based on the state of the children. If the work request is in the Complete state, the state of the work request will not be changed.

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