Designer Express Overview

Designer Express is a simplified version of Designer. Like Designer, Designer Express allows the user to create and manage designs. Designer Express deviates from Designer in that it does not hold Design Engineers to accounting and GIS conventions within the design process. Designer Express also uses design feature classes (DFCs), which are non-networked, simple feature classes, instead of Compatible Units. An easy-to-use wizard walks the user through creating a dataset and populating it with the DFCs that the Design Engineers will require.

Before You Begin

Before configuring Designer Express, the following prerequisites must be met.

  • The Basic ArcFM Configuration has been completed. 

  • You have decided which regular features will serve as the basis for the DFCs. These features must reside in your geodatabase.

  • You have planned your workflow, including users, tasks, and transitions.

  • You have completed the Upgrade your Workflow Manager database steps in order to use Designer Express.

Configuring Designer Express

To configure Designer Express, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Use the Designer Express Configuration Wizard to create tables and DFCs.

Step 2: Configure the cost item library and add data to it.

Step 3: Configure the Design Estimate to properly track the changes in a feature's length.

Step 4: Set the snapping properties on your design feature classes.

Step 5: In ArcMap, create a stored display that contains DFCs.

Optional Configurations

This section outlines a number of optional configurations for Designer Express.

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