Optional Configurations

This section outlines optional configurations that may be implemented with Designer Express.

Create Feature-Linked Annotations: Follow the steps outlined in this topic to configure feature-linked annotations for Designer Feature Classes (DFCs).

Configure Abandon for Designer Express: Designer Express has multiple tools that help increase productivity and facilitate “abandoning” features during the design process. This topic outlines the configuration required for the Designer Express Abandon tools to properly function.

Cost Estimate Default Style Sheet: In Designer Express, users can export data from the Design Cost Estimate to communicate design costs to other parts of the organization. You can configure Designer Express to open the exported data in various formats, including HTML and Excel. You can also configure Designer Express to format the data using a custom stylesheet, the details of which are described in this topic.

Integrate Cost Summary Data: Designer Express stores cost summary data for designs in an easily retrievable format. This topic outlines how to access that data to integrate with a 3rd party or Work Management System.

Duplicate Feature Validation Rule: QA/QC rules ensure high data integrity when adding or editing GIS data. The Duplicate Feature Validation rule is a QA/QC rule that you can configure to ensure the designer is alerted if a duplicate feature is detected after commissioning DFCs.

Work Location Design Feature Class: Work locations help users organize cost items into logical groups for construction crews and accounting personnel. This topic outlines how to configure Work Locations in Designer Express.

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