Assign Model Names

Feeder Manager is configured, like other ArcFM components, by assigning model names and autoupdaters to network features. Assign model names to features with this in mind: you should never apply more than one of the class model names SWITCH, FDRMGRPROTECTIVE, or TRANSFORMER (used by the built-in weight autoupdater only) to any feature class in your electric distribution network. For example, if your network has a feature class that contains both manual switches and fuses, create two separate feature classes so that you can apply the model name SWITCH to one and FDRMGRPROTECTIVE to the other. In addition, the SWITCH and TRANSFORMER class model names may NOT be applied to any feature class that may contain circuit source features. Put another way, assign any class that may contain circuit source features the model name FDRMGRPROTECTIVE. For accurate KVA ratings, you should apply the TRANSFORMERUNIT model to only the TransformerUnit object class. 

This step requires that you assign model names and field model names to your feature classes through the ArcFM Properties Manager. It is easiest to assign all of the model names and field model names for a feature class rather than assigning all of the model names then all of the field model names.

Protective Devices and ArcFM Electric Trace Options

If you want to use the ArcFM Electric Trace Options menu in ArcMap to choose whether a feature class participates in protective device traces, assign the PROTECTIVE model name to that feature class.

The Appendix contains more information about the various "Protective" model names.


If you have created a FdrMgrNonTraceable field for any feature classes or subtypes, you must assign the FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE field model name to the FdrMgrNonTraceable field.

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