Configure CircuitSource Object Class

The CircuitSource object class stores information about the source of a circuit. Assign the following model names to the CircuitSource object class. The field names shown are from the Minerville data model. Your field names may be different but model names must be exact. You also need to add a value to the first three fields only. Feeder Manager maintains the FeederSourceInfo field automatically. Each value in the FeederID field must be unique.

IMPORTANT: Use the ArcFM Solution Object Converter to convert the objects to ArcFM objects. If you do not convert, you will not have the autoupdater you need.

Object Model Name: CIRCUITSOURCE

Field Model Names:


Field Model Name









*When populating the CircuitSource table, remember that each value in the FeederID field must be unique. This field should have a NOT NULL constraint applied as well. Further, we strongly recommend that you set a unique constraint on the field (in both the CircuitSource table and the CircuitSourceID table). Oracle and SqlServer both have the ability to set a unique constraint. If you set the constraint, uses cannot make the mistake of assigning duplicate FeederIDs to different feeders, which is not supported.

IMPORTANT: ArcFM automatically maintains this field when the appropriate model name is assigned. See the Appendix for more information about what these values represent.




On Feature Update

ArcFM Internal FeederID Update

Create Circuit Source Relationships

IMPORTANT: Feeder Manager does not support attributed relationships.

Feeder Manager requires a separate relationship class for each feature class in the network that may possibly contain features serving in the role of a circuit source (i.e., a source of power for the electric distribution network and a starting point for Feeder Manager’s tracing actions). See Create a relationship class.

Feeder Manager will only trace circuits that are represented by a matched pair consisting of one CircuitSource object and one junction feature. Many utilities use Circuit Breakers exclusively as the source of a circuit but some also use Reclosers as the source point for a circuit. Also, Circuit Breakers may exist in a distribution system and not be the source of a circuit. For these reasons, having an object that is related to the appropriate feature classes provides the flexibility necessary to model all the possible conditions. Feeder Manager will build the list of Feeders by starting with the records in the Circuit Source object and determining the attributes of the feeders. It then traverses all defined relationships to associated features to establish starting points for tracing the network.

The relationship cardinality does not require each circuit source object to have a related feature, but each circuit source object that does have a related feature can have no more than one.

Feeder Manager will traverse the relationships defined for the Circuit Source object class to acquire the starting location on the geometric network for circuit tracing. You can define relationships between Circuit Source and multiple classes (including ones that don't represent the start of a circuit). Feeder Manager will check the following three conditions before traversing the relationship:

  • The Circuit Source class is the destination of the relationship.

  • The origin or source of the relationship is a feature class.

  • The origin or source of the relationship participates in the geometric network.

If all three conditions are satisfied, then Feeder Manager treats the associated feature class as a starting feature for a circuit trace.

Things to ensure for correct behavior:

  • There is a relationship between the circuit source feature and the circuit source table

  • The circuit source object is the destination of the relationship

  • The source feature is a junction feature class

  • The source feature class is part of the network

  • There is at least one instance of this relationship

  • Each circuit source feature (Circuit Breaker) can have no more than one related object to the circuit source object class.


This field is used to flag feeders that participate in multifeeds, or that contain features belonging to loops, or both. Two bits of the FeederSourceInfo’s 32-bit integer value are used for this purpose. (Note: Other bits of the integer are used for purposes internal to Feeder Manager, so one cannot count on FeederSourceInfo values being restricted to 0 – 3.) The FeederSourceInfo integer is interpreted as follows:

  • Bit 0: Multifeed indicator. A set bit (1) indicates that at least some features belonging to the feeder are powered by more than one circuit source simultaneously. An unset bit (0) indicates that the feeder does not participate in a multifeed.

  • Bit 1: Loop indicator. A set bit (1) indicates that at least some features belonging to the feeder participate in an electrical loop. An unset bit (0) indicates that none of the feeder’s features participate in a loop.

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