Field Visibility

When Feeder Manager 2.0 is enabled, certain fields are not visible in certain places.

  • When Extended Feeder Manager is not configured, Subsource IDs fields do not exist in ArcMap, ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine, or ArcFM Server. Further, the SubsourceIDs fields are not part of the output of the Export By Feeder geoprocessing tool. That is, if no table to which the CIRCUITSOURCEID model name is assigned is found, then the Feeder Manager 2.0 plug-in data will not contain the Subsource IDs field.

  • The Tie Device field doesn't exist on non-switchable devices (those devices that have the SWITCH model name applied).

  • The FeederInfo (for Feeder Manager 2.0) field is not visible. If you need to populate this field, you can make it visible via the Fields tab of the Layer Properties window in ArcMap. You may want to populate this if you symbolize or label on FeederInfo.

  • You may notice a second OBJECTID field in the Fields tab of the Layer Properties window in ArcMap. This field serves as the foreign key to the feature class in the plug-in data. This field is not relevant in any way for configuration, and exists only for the purposes of supporting the joined Feeder Manager 2.0 data.

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