Open Graphic Session

Opens the session node for graphic (or redline) editing in ArcMap. This subtask requires Mobile (or Redliner) and creates a Mobile packet for the session when executed.


  • A session node must be selected.

  • MMSessionManager must be the current extension.

  • You must NOT have an editing session started.

  • Session Manager must be open from ArcFM Viewer (not standalone) and visible.

  • Session Manager must be open in a field database. This subtask is not available on the Enterprise.


  1. Gets the session.

  2. Creates a Mobile packet if one does not already exist for the session.

  3. Determines whether the session should be opened as View Only.

  4. Loads the session's stored display (if it exists).

  5. Loads the session's Mobile packet.

  6. Activates the mobile graphics layer.

  7. Sets the PxApplication on the Process Framework Task Tool extension.

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