Relationship Test

Faulty CircuitSource relationships are a leading cause of failure in configuring data for use with Feeder Manager. You can easily test the validity of a CircuitSource relationship by following these steps:

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Add a layer for the destination feature class of the relationship (or else open a map document that already has that feature class as a layer).
  3. Select either List by Drawing Order, List by Source, or List by Visibility in the Table of Contents. Right-click on that layer in the Table Of Contents (either the List By Drawing Order or List By Source) and from the context menu choose Joins and Relates | Join.
  4. Pick "Join data based on a pre-defined relationship class" in answer to the question, "What do you want to join to this layer?"
  5. Pick the name of the relationship class that you wish to test from the dropdown list where it says "Choose the relationship class to base the join on."
  6. Under Join Options, select Keep All Records.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Back in the legend, right click on the layer again and from the context menu choose Open Attribute Table.
  9. In the table that appears, look for the column named after the field that received the FEEDERID model name in the CircuitSource class in this step of the configuration. If that field name happens to be the same as the name of a field in the feature class, then the column name will include a class name prefix on one or the other so they may be distinguished. You want to be sure to get the FeederID column that comes from the CircuitSource class, and not from the feature class.
  10. Any rows of the table for which the FeederID column identified in the previous step is empty, represent features that do not have a related CircuitSource object (or else they are related to a CircuitSource object that has a null or blank FeederID value).
  11. Repeat 2 - 8 for each feature class that is supposed to be related to the CircuitSource class.
  12. Repeat 2 - 9 again from the point of view of the CircuitSource class as the starting point of the Join. That is, add the CircuitSource class as a layer in the map, and from it establish a join based on the existing relationship, etc., and try to determine, from the joined table view, whether all of the CircuitSource objects that you expect to have a related feature do in fact have one.
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