Start Services

Once you've finished with the configuration, you can start the service. Simply right-click the service in the Available Services field and select Start. Be sure to apply any configuration changes (Apply button) before starting a service. Changes don't go into effect until you click the Apply button.

Services that have a status of "Running" (i.e., services that have been started) may be paused or stopped. Right-click a running service and select Stop or Pause. Paused services can only be started again (right-click and select Continue). They cannot be stopped.

Can't Start a Service

If you have a custom version of Batch Reconcile and Post, you may encounter this issue after implementing Geodatabase Manager. If Geodatabase Manager finds a table called No_Reconcile_Version in the geodatabase it will not allow the user to start a service.

This table was necessary for the old functionality. Maintaining it in the geodatabase along with Geodatabase Manager could cause problems with reconcile versions. To correct the issue, delete the No_Reconcile_Version table from the geodatabase.

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