Troubleshooting: What is the Trace All Feeders task sequence?

Below is the sequence of actions taken by TraceAllFeeders. A save and a compress are performed after steps 2, 4, 5 and 6, and after each individual feeder's update within step 3.

  1. Attempt a Compress action on the database. This allows TraceAllFeeders to indicate if it is unable to compress during the sequence of events. Compress is crucial to performance on large networks.
  2. Identify all island features and set their FeederID, FeederID2, and FeederInfo values to reflect their islandhood.
  3. Trace all features energized by any circuit source and set their FeederID values accordingly. This is done on one circuit (or feeder) at a time.
  4. Update the FeederSourceInfo field of the CircuitSource class to flag any feeders that possess loops or participate in a multiple-feed condition, based on results in step 3.
  5. Identify all non-island features that are not energized by any circuit source and set their FeederID accordingly. This is done by resuming a trace from each feature that stopped a tracing action in step 3 (by virtue of its switching state and/or phase designation, as appropriate).
  6. Identify all tie or terminal devices and modify their FeederID values to reflect their tie or terminal devicehood. These devices are identified based on the trace performed in step 3.
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