Transfer Attribute Values

When abandoning features to feature and object classes, field model names are used to transfer attribute values. The field model names have the prefix AT_ and must be the same in both the source and destination. To transfer the value, both fields must have the same data type (e.g., long integer). For example, if you create a field named PipeMaterial and want to transfer the field value to a destination class, assign the model name AT_PIPEMATERIAL to these fields in both source and destination. 

NOTE: These field model names are not necessary if you are abandoning to the same feature class.

Perform the following steps for your source and destination feature classes.

  1. Right-click and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  2. Click the Field Model Names tab.
  3. Select the field to be transferred (Material, for example).
  4. Select the appropriate domain at the Model Name Domain window.
  5. Double-click field model name (AT_MATERIAL, for example) in the "Model names available:" window to assign it. This will maintain the feature's geometry in the destination feature class.
  6. Click OK to dismiss the ArcFM Properties Manager and save your changes or Apply to save and continue.
  7. Assign model names as appropriate to the fields whose values you want to transfer.
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