Update Replica Schema - Command Line

A command line interface allows you to make small updates to the replica's schema, much like the ArcFM Replication Schema Change Wizard does. The executable is called UpdateSchema.exe. You can use the command line in a console or a batch file to run the schema updater.

NOTE: The executable must reside in the same directory as the other M&M dll's because that is how it finds those other files. Specifically, it uses Miner.Geodatabase.dll. The UpdateSchema.exe application cannot be run when Geodatabase Replication is running.


The one required parameter is <name>, which is the replica's name. However, if other parameters aren't included, the program won't run. See the troubleshooting section at the end of this topic to see the results of running this executable without parameters. The table below describes the other parameters you can use.




adds tables (object, feature, and relationship classes)


adds fields to tables


deletes tables


Indicates that the command should be executed without starting it in a separate process. If this is missing, the command will starts in a separate process.


Writes additional information out to the console during execution, primarily for troubleshooting.

  • If you want the command to operate on more than one item, use multiple /a and /f and /d parameters. For example, if you are adding three feature classes, you might invoke the command line like this:

    UpdateSchema RicksReplica /a:class1 /a:class2 /a:class3
  • If any of these parameters (table or feature class names) has a space in it, enclose the parameter in quotes like this:

    UpdateSchema "Ricks Replica" "/a:class 1" /a:class2 "/a:class 3"
    In the above example, class2 does not require the quotes because it has no spaces in its name.

Troubleshooting: Output Without Parameters

If you invoke the command from a console without parameters, you will get the following output:

        Missing required argument ''.
        /addTables: Add Tables (short form /a)
        /fields: Fields (short form /f)
        /delete: Delete tables (short form /d)
        /execute Execute (short form /e)
        /verbose Verbose (short form /v)
        @ Read response file for more options
        Name (short form /n)

To avoid getting this output, use a parameter when you invoke updateschema.exe.

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