Add or delete users and assign roles on the Users tab.


Click to create a new row (or user) and edit fields as necessary. Select checkboxes in the Roles field to assign roles to the user.


Select a row and click to remove the entry. A confirmation screen will ask you to confirm deletion.

IMPORTANT: Select File > Save to record changes you make in Process Framework Administration Tool to the database.

Field Descriptions

User Name

Login name for the user. If using an SDE database, Workflow Manager and SDE must share the same user name for each user. User names may NOT contain spaces or invalid characters and have a maximum length of 30 characters. Invalid characters: single quotes ('), double quotes (") and spaces.

Display Name

The user name as it appears in the user interface in Session Manager or Workflow Manager (if licensed).


A description of the user, usually the user's name and title.

NOTE: If you have licensed Designer and installed Workflow Manager, additional roles will be visible.
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