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This implementation gives the mobile user the ability to view and query data in the field. The following steps walk you through setting up the enterprise as well as field machines to use Mobile. Field users will have access to view and query data, while Enterprise users will have full ArcFM functionality as allowed by their licensing.

View Only users will not be able to send/receive sessions.

Required Licenses in the Field: ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine or ArcFM Viewer

Field Databases: Backdrop, Login (optional)

  • STEP 1: Create Backdrop Geodatabase

  • OPTIONAL: Create Login Database The Login database is necessary only if you wish to provide the field user with user/system favorites. If you aren't using favorites, there's no need for the Login database.

When you've finished the Mobile configuration, you may wish to use Geodatabase Replication to maintain updated backdrop and login databases in the field. Create a geodatabase replica for the backdrop and a directory replica to maintain the login database (if used).

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