Add Crew Members and Trucks

Available in Responder Explorer.

Responder allows you to add crew members and trucks to the Responder database. Once added, these members and trucks can be assigned to crews. You can have multiple crew members with the same name.

  1. In the Crews dockable window, right-click and select Edit Crew Members and Trucks.
  2. Select the appropriate tab: Crew Members or Trucks.
  3. Click the Add button or right-click and select Add.
  4. Provide the relevant information and click OK.
  5. Click Add and Continue to create additional crew members or trucks. You cannot add a crew member followed by a truck using this button. You must switch to the appropriate tab first.
  6. Click OK to save changes when you've finished adding crew members or trucks.
  7. Click OK on the Edit Crew Members and Trucks dialog when finished.

    The added crew members are assigned to the crew being created or edited and added to the Crew Members database.

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