Add Requests

Available in Responder Explorer.

You can assign a switching order request to a switching or restoration order using the Switching Order Editor.

  1. Open the switching or restoration order.
  2. Select Order > Add Request. This brings up the Add Requests window.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) next to the switching order request(s) that you want to add to the open switching order. You can select multiple checkboxes. The checkboxes for requests that are already assigned to switching orders are gray and disabled.
  4. Click the Visualize Selected Requests  button to view the chosen requests (with selected checkboxes) on the map. The Clear Visualizations  button is enabled only after you've selected the Visualize Selected Requests button. It removes all symbology displayed by the Visualize Selected Requests tool.
  5. Click OK. The OK button remains disabled until you have at least one checkbox selected.
    TIP: You can filter requests using the drop-down field in the upper-right corner of the Add Requests window. The requests are grouped by the value selected in the filter field.

    When a request has been assigned to a switching order, it is indicated in the Switching Order Editor and on the Responder web browser. The person who submitted the request can view the details of the request on the web browser to see the switching order's scheduled start and end dates and times.

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