Create Switching Operation

Available in ArcMap.

This tool is available in ArcMap on the Responder toolbar and allows you to create a switching operation that acts on the selected feature.

  1. In ArcMap, select the Create Switching Operation  tool and click a feature on the map. The cursor becomes a circle with a blue dot in the middle. The blue dot snaps to selectable features with the proper model name assigned. A layer must be set as selectable before this tool can snap to its features.
  2. The Create Switching Operation dialog allows the operator to provide an outage time and the name of the person who operated the device.
  3. You can modify the Planned Status. This field lists the phases and phase combinations that can be operated on the device. If the device's normal status is closed, the Planned field shows which phases can be opened. If the device's normal status is opened, the Planned field shows which phases can be closed.
  4. Click OK.

    A switching operation symbol is placed on the feature in the map, and a confirmed incident with restoration steps is created in Responder Explorer. Use an Edit tool to modify the restoration steps in Responder Explorer.

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