Create a Switching Order in Switching Order Editor

Available in Responder Explorer.

If you have the Switching Order Editor open and want to create a new switching order, you can without needing to close the Switching Order Editor.

  1. In the Switching Order Editor, select Order > New.
  2. In the Select Location & Name dialog, choose a folder in the Switching Order Library for creating the switching order, and then type a name in the field at the bottom. Click OK.
  3. Use the Switching Order Editor to edit the new switching order. You can navigate from one switching order to another by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the window.
  4. When you've finished editing the operations, click Save from the Order menu and close the window.
    NOTE: If you click the red X in the window's upper-right corner, the entire window closes, along with any other switching orders in the window. If changes have been made to any switching order, a prompt appears for you to save the changes for each order.
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