Create a Switching Order from a Template

Available in Responder Explorer.

Follow these steps to create a switching order based on a template.

  1. In Responder Explorer, select File > Switching Orders.
  2. Click Create a Switching Order from a Template. This displays the Switching Order Library.
  3. In the Switching Order Library, choose the template that you want to use to create your switching order. Right-click the template and choose Select. This displays the Select Location & Name window.
  4. In the Select Location & Name window, browse to the location in the Switching Order Library where you want to store the switching order.
  5. In the field at the bottom of the screen, type a name for your switching order. Click OK.
  6. Use the Switching Order Editor to edit the new switching order.
  7. When you've finished editing the operations, click Save from the Order menu and close the window.
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