Log In to Web Browser

  1. Access the Responder Web Browser at the following address: http://ResponderServer/responder/default.aspx
    NOTE: You need to replace ResponderServer with the name of the machine that hosts your Responder.

    When the Responder Web Browser opens, a splash page appears. From this page, you can access the Dashboard or sign in.

  2. To sign in to the Responder Web Browser, click Sign In on the upper-right corner of the splash page.

    The User Login page opens.

  3. Type your Username and Password, and then click Login.

    If you forget your password, you can receive an email with a new password by using the security question/answer set up in the Settings section.

    NOTE: If you do not know your Username or the answer to the security question, contact the Responder Web Browser administrator to reset your password.

    To receive a new password, complete the following steps:

    1. Click Forgot Password on the User Login page.

      The Forgot Password page opens.

    2. Type your Username and click Next.
    3. Type the answer to your security question and click Submit.

      NOTE: The new password is emailed to the address listed for you in the Settings section of your account. Once you sign in with the new password that is emailed to you, go to the Settings section if you want to change your password or security question.
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