Manage Tags

Available in Responder Explorer.

Tags can be placed as a part of a switching or restoration order or they can be placed using the Create Tags tool in ArcMap. The Tags flyout window displays all currently active tags in the network.

Remove Tag: A tag can be deleted by removing it from the switching or restoration order (it is removed from the Tags tab simultaneously). When executing the operation to remove a tag, select the correct tag from the Tag field. The drop-down menu displays all tags that have been placed on the device.

Tag placed as part of switching order.

Placed tag appears on Tags flyout until it is removed.

You can edit a tag by right-clicking it on the Tags flyout window and selecting Edit. You can also click the tagged device in the map display using the Edit Tag tool. Click OK to save modifications and close the Edit Tag window.

Right-click a tag and select Show Incident in Grid to select and expand the associated incident on the Incidents tab. You can locate the tag on the map using right-click tools such as Highlight, Zoom To, and Pan To.

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