Place Jumper in ArcMap

Available in ArcMap.

An operator can manually place a jumper on the map. Responder generates a corresponding incident in Responder Explorer. A jumper can be placed on any electric line feature that has the RXINCIDENTDEVICE model name assigned. For example, if a crew calls and reports a need for a jumper, the operator can locate the line feature on the map and create a jumper on it.

Responder Explorer must be open to place a jumper in ArcMap.

NOTE: This line feature can contain one of the same phases as the line that you connect the jumper to, such as A to A, B to BC, ABC to BC, etc. You can also connect lines of different phases, but one of those phases must be de-energized. You can press ESC to cancel placing the jumper before making the second click.
  1. In ArcMap, locate the line feature on the map.
  2. Click the Place Jumper button on the Responder toolbar.

    The cursor becomes a circle with a blue dot in the middle. The blue dot snaps to selectable electric line features with the proper model name assigned. A layer must be set as selectable before this tool can snap to its features.

  3. In ArcMap, click a line feature.
  4. If you want to place a jumper as a straight line continue to step 5; if you want place a jumper around a feature, continue to click on the map, placing vertices of the jumper as you go, and then continue with step 5.
  5. Click the line feature to connect to the line that was first selected.

    A line appears based on symbology on the line feature in the map and an incident is created in Responder Explorer.

  6. The Place Jumper window allows the operator to provide general information about the jumper.
  7. Click the appropriate Jumper Phases to connect. You can connect any of the following:
    • An energized phase to a de-energized phase

    • A de-energized phase  to a de-energized phase

    • An energized phase to another energized phase (if they are of the same phase)

    NOTE: At least one connection is required to place the jumper.
  8. Type the Name, Dispatcher, and Crew Member for this jumper.

    All other information is optional. The Time Placed must be the current time or earlier. The Dispatcher and Crew fields are filtered to display only those that have access to the region (first click) in which the jumper resides, but any value can be typed manually instead of using the filtered drop-down lists.

  9. Click OK.
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