Reprocess Devices

In some circumstances, an incident in Responder may indicate a problem with your GIS data rather than an actual outage. Adding or removing customers, editing GIS data after incident creation, or errors in your data could all cause an incident to be outdated or incorrect. If you run the Reprocess Devices tool for the incident after data corrections, incident device management (IDM) is performed on all devices for the targeted incident. Responder adds or removes loadpoints for the incident and updates outage times.

NOTE: This tool moves loadpoint outage times back when necessary (e.g., if a time is erroneously in the future ahead of an operation time of an upstream device), but does not move them forward. The tool needs to respect downstream, rolled-up loadpoints that could have been out at earlier times, based on other devices that may not be part of this incident.

This tool is available on the right-click utility menu for an incident under the following conditions:

  • User is assigned proper role that has the REPROCESS_DEVICES operation (Senior Dispatcher by default).

  • Incident has one or more incident devices.

  • If multiple incidents are selected, each incident must have one or more incident devices.

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