Responder is a GIS hosted, distributed Outage Management System (OMS). Responder focuses on providing the most valuable information to the right people for informed decision-making during both storm restorations and daily operations. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive menus allow dispatchers to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. The geographical and tabular data tells them where to dispatch crews so that power can be restored as soon as possible.

Licensing: To run the Responder, you need the Responder license along with either an ArcFM, Designer, or ArcFM Viewer license. Note that ArcFM Viewer licenses do not allow you to edit the geodatabase. Select the appropriate license in the Desktop Administrator. Choose Responder Dispatcher to use an ArcFM Viewer license along with Responder. Select ArcFM or Designer to enable editing of the geodatabase. If you have a valid Responder license on the license server when ArcFM or Designer are selected in the Desktop Administrator, the Responder tools are enabled.

Responder consists of four different components: Responder web browser, Responder Explorer, ArcMap tools, and Archive Explorer.

Responder Web Browser

The Responder Web Browser supports a variety of different user roles. The functionality available to a user depends on his or her assigned role. For example, an Administrator can use the web browser to add users and assign roles. A customer service representative can access the Customer Service section to log customer calls and monitor callbacks.

Responder Explorer

Dispatchers use Responder Explorer to view and manage incidents, calls, and incident devices. A dispatcher can also create crews and assign them to specific incidents.

ArcMap Tools

Dispatchers can view the extent of an incident in ArcMap or create incidents using a number of ArcMap Tools on the Responder toolbar.

Archive Explorer

Responder allows you to build an archive of incidents along with the customer calls, tags, crew activity, and incident resolution. Archive Explorer allows you to view and edit the archived information.

  • ArcMap: Responder does not support two or more instances of ArcMap running on the same machine with Responder.

  • Responder Explorer: Ensure your user name has the proper permissions set before opening Responder Explorer. Your Administrator can set permissions using the Responder web application.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation.

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