Dockable Windows

Responder Explorer has several dockable windows available: Alerts, Crews, Dispatchers, Scheduled Switching Orders, and Tags. By default, these flyouts are on the right side of the Incidents tab. The Alerts window is displayed in the bottom portion of the Responder Explorer window.

If the window you want to view isn't available in the flyout menu on the right edge of the Responder Explorer user interface, select that window from the View menu. You can view the flyout windows by hovering your cursor over the flyout menu.

To close a window on the flyout menu, click the red X on the upper-right corner of the window. The push pin in the upper-right corner allows you to either keep the window visible or hide it in the flyout menu. The projecting push pin indicates that the window is visible. This horizontal push pin indicates that the window is hidden. A link to it appears along the right side of the Responder Explorer window (see below). Hover the cursor over this link to expose the window.

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