Responder Phase Swap

Typically, backfeeds, restorations, and all tracing in Responder happen on a per phase basis. Responder Phase Swap allows you to backfeed from one phase to a different phase with the following restrictions:

  • Backfeeds can function from a single phase line to another single phase line (such as A to B, C to A, etc.).

  • As long as the switch has at least one phase in common with the line on either side of it, it can be used to perform a backfeed. For example, if a B-phase line leads to a B switch that then leads to an A-phase line, the backfeed can occur when the switch is closed. This would result in the A-phase line being fed by B phase.

    NOTE: You can only perform this type of backfeed if at least one side of the device is de-energized. Once this backfeed occurs, we do not allow the re-energization of the phase swapped line (in this case, the A-phase line).
  • With a phase swap in place, tracing on the phase swapped line continues on the back-fed phase. For example, if your dynamic protective device was out on ABC, and we back-fed A phase FROM B phase, the A phase would restore, but the B phase would not.

NOTE: You can use Place Jumpers to phase swap provided that at least one side of the swap is de-energized.
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