Use this tab to execute the steps in the switching order. The switching order must be assigned to a confirmed incident before the buttons on this tab become active. There are two ways to execute the operations in a switching order: Sequence and Selection.

When you have the Sequence tab selected, you are only able to execute the operations in the order they are listed. If you have the Selection tab selected, you can execute the step you have selected regardless of whether the steps before it have been executed.

NOTE: If your administrator has set up the approval functionality, a switch order cannot be executed until it has completed the process.

The top of the Sequence or Selection tab always displays the operation to be executed when you click Execute Next. If you have selected an operation that has already been executed, this area is blank. The example below shows the next selected operation to be executed. If you choose the Sequence tab, this area displays the next sequential operation to be executed, regardless of which operation is selected.

TIP: The Selection option may not be available. Your Administrator has the option to remove this using an optional configuration discussed in the Configuration Guide.

Refer to the Execute page for information about how to execute operations in the switching order.

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